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  • 13% lidocaine और Prilocaine
  • गैर - तेल - पानी के आधार सामयिक स्तब्ध क्रीम
  • 99% की पुनरावृत्ति दुनिया भर में ग्राहक
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  • का उपयोग करता है: सुई दर्द, गोदना, शारीरिक भेदी, वैक्सिंग, आदि ..
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Usage of Numbing Gel

Topical Pain Reliever

Numbing gel is a topical anesthetic widely known as topical pain reliever that helps numb the pain on gums or other tissue in the body before injecting needle for injection. Numbing gel typically contains topical anesthetic solutions such as lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, Xylocaine, tetracaine, procaine, etc… 3 or more of these solutions that are mixed together is not allowed in a gel form.

The same as numbing creams, numbing gel also takes about a minute or should be left in a minute for numbing gel to take effect. To apply the numbing gel, apply a thick amount of the gel with a clean piece of cotton swab in the gums or other tissue, and leave it there until user can feel the numbing effect and it is ready for injections. Wait for about 2-3 minutes to take effect, do not rush numbness is still not there, do not over wait because it may consume numbing effect, as user feel something numb then waiting is done, or if dentist is there, they know what to do.

Some side effects if encounter includes headaches, irritations, and numbness for hours. Irritations can be seen locally and can spot what caused it because if it’s the gel, where the gel is applied, irritation will take place in that specific area. Allergies are sometimes occur if the user has a topical anesthetic solution allergy, if the numbing agents that is included for compounding the gel is there, and user doesn’t know that it has, in this cases mostly it is accidental.

No matter what pains that you will encounter if it’s for treatment do not be afraid to ask for your specialists help, there should be something that can help you ease the pain.

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